Here you can find more information about your ESP instructors, along with contact information.

Founding Instructor Josh Nixon:

Josh started training at the age of 11 in November 2002 at the Chien Kun Do Martial Arts Academy (part of the Sphere Combat Systems Association) under Sifus Peter Ellis and Paul Horrobin in his hometown of Stockton Brook, Stoke-on-Trent, UK. Later he trained with Sifu Paul Horrobin in his class, PHDefence, which is also based in Stoke. His training with these instructors was in a style based largely on various freestyle Chinese Kung Fu principles (greatly influenced by Wing Chun and Shaolin Wushu) adapted for the real world of today by the instructors, a philosophy which survives in his present training and teaching. This was complimented with a heavy influence from Krav Maga and military combatives. In November 2009 he graduated his British Combat Association Instructorship aged only 18, and in November 2010 he attained his Senior Black Belt under Sifu Paul Horrobin aged 19. Ever since he started training in 2002, he was struck with the simplicity and practicality of what he was learning and his thirst for new ideas has never left him.

While training with Sifu Paul Horrobin, Josh created his own system of self-protection; a martial system rather than a martial art. He strove to create something simple and effective, believing that overcomplicated techniques can prove inhibiting in a real combative situation. This simplicity carried over into every aspect of the system he developed, which was simply called ‘The Combative Self-Protection System’ as a working name. The CSPS soon developed beyond the logical scope of this name and its initial structure however, and in February 2013 it was completely revised and took the name ‘Evolutionary Self-Protection’. It focuses on natural movements rather than unnecessarily complex techniques, and a truly holistic approach towards training. Josh believes that the only way to develop an effective system is to embrace all aspects of training and combat, learning techniques and concepts which can be applied and adapted to any situation, and celebrating the specialisms that all combative systems have. Diversity, simplicity and adaptability are cornerstones of ESP training, which is psychological as well as physical. Throughout his career, Josh has studied, trained and researched many combative systems, martial arts and noncombative systems. He likes the description: ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ in this respect. The major influences on his training have been Boxing, CQC (Close Quarter Combatives), Eskrima, Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do (振藩截拳道), Kali, Krav Maga (קרב מגע), Kung Fu (功夫), Modern Army Combatives, Silat, Systema (Системa) and Wing Chun (詠春).

His unquenchable thirst for research and training has allowed Josh to develop a system which continually attempts to be as holistic and adaptive as possible; one which is constantly evolving and open to new ideas (and the adaptation of existing ones). One of Josh’s great early inspirations was the famous Li Jun-fan (李小龙, better known as Bruce Lee) who said that combat should be about ‘honestly expressing oneself’, and Josh shares this appreciation of the value of honesty very strongly.

Josh is constantly adapting new methods and learning new concepts for use in ESP training. He studied at Staffordshire University, attaining a First Class Honours degree in a two-year Fast-Track course in English Literature. He has co-instructed 7 classes, five of which with Sifu Paul Horrobin, including the main PHDefence class in Stoke-on-Trent. Josh’s interests include learning new languages, meditation, science, spirituality, philosophy, the environment, health and fitness. He enjoys barefoot rock climbing, free running, bushcraft, survival and learning about other cultures. He loves horror and action movies, and watches Coronation Street. He works with local filmmakers as a combative consultant (choreography, training actors, stunt doubling, etc) and also offers services as a proofreader, as a writer and as a meditation, relaxation and wellness coach.

Contact details for FIns. Josh Nixon:
Home Telephone: (01782) 502684
Mobile Telephone: 07981175878

Last updated 31.08.2013

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