CSPS Endon (11.05.2011) Feedback

Hey all,

As you know, the first of the CSPS Endon classes went ahead this afternoon – there wasn’t a massive turnout, but the students we got were great. Everyone picked up the stuff pretty quickly, and once nerves were overcome everybody did great.

We went through a bit of striking work today, basic punching and kicking, and a quick demo of how to roll.

Now you’ve had this basic introduction, we’ll move on a little bit next week and the next few weeks will be more focussed. Next week we’ll be focusing more on parrying with the hands, and if there’s time then a quick go of rolling. Before you all panic about that, if you don’t want to then you don’t have to! There’s no way you can get hurt with it though on those mats. It’s really easy; much more about just having to confidence to have a go than actually having to do anything difficult or complicated.

To those who came – thanks for turning up, and don’t forget to bring a mate or, even better, a teacher! Hope to see you next week, I’ve got a good feeling about this class, it was fun teaching you today, so thanks.

See you next week, and any questions or comments, chuck us an email, comment on this post, or whatever else. :)

FCIns. Josh Nixon

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One Response to CSPS Endon (11.05.2011) Feedback

  1. CSPS Online says:

    Jake tells me that those who came really enjoyed it and are coming back. Really pleased you dudettes had fun! That’s made my day. :D Next lesson will be better because I’ll actually know how long it’s going to be! See you then. :)


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