CSPS Endon Taster (25.05.2011) Feedback

Today we went through some basic falling and rolling, with an intro to fall absorption and throwing. Before all that though we went through how to stand up, stupidly basic as that may sound, it’s of course important to know how to do so without using your hands, as they won’t last long getting stamped on!

Numbers were a little down this week, but that wasn’t a problem – it just meant we could get through more!

Next week we won’t be here with it being half term, so keep practicing your striking at home and your parrying if you have a partner. Rolls and that can be done on any suitably soft floor unless you’re really comfortable with it – just take it easy to start with.

See you all on the 8th – any questions or anything, you know where I am.

FCIns. Josh Nixon


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