PHDefence (28.05.2011) Feedback

Always an honour to help out with the local PHDefence class. Today they went through some traditional stuff (Shaolin Form), which I then built on a bit, extracting more practical techniques from the Form, and drilling those with pads. After that, I did a section on aggression and adrenaline with a good bit of pressured padwork. It’s a shame numbers were a bit down this week with people being on holiday, but it was great anyway.

There’s a couple of PHDefence students who are about ready for their next grading (6 – Blue Sash) so we’re going to focus on syllabus stuff with them over the next few weeks, which will be fun. Always look forward to helping out with their class – great training atmosphere.

Look out for PHDefence posters around Stockton Brook, Milton and Baddeley Green – some new ones should be going up soon.


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