PHDefence (04.06.2011) Feedback

Today we went through some basic Wing Chun techniques (Pak Sau, Tan Sau and Bonsau) and had a quick check of kicking, because I wasn’t entirely convinced everyone was sure of the differences between Oblique Kick, Jab Kick and Side Kick – it seems I was right, so I’m glad we did that! After, it was pad work really for the rest; circuit training then some slightly madder multiple assailant/crowd survival stuff than before which was fun, after a bit of a drill on knockouts.

I was going to finish with padwork shuttle runs, but everyone was knackered, and it was pretty warm anyway, so I thought I’d be nice this week and give you a Systema relaxation exercise! Hope you liked it; I plan on doing more of that stuff. I recommend you try and do that every day if you can – it really chills you out, but also increases your body awareness exponentially.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to focus a little more on syllabus stuff, particularly for a few of the Purples who are ready (well, I think you are – I just want to check your Shaolin Form really; that’s about it).

See you then!


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