CSPS Endon Taster (08.06.2011) Feedback

All of the attendees today were PHDefence students, so I scrapped the original plan of just doing an intro to the basics of upper-body striking, and we did some more aggressive pressure work followed by some surprise work and a few fun drills, before an anaerobic bit at the end.

All in all, a pretty decent session! Shame they’re short, but these are supposed to be tasters. Next week if we get any people who aren’t already students, we’ll keep on with the original plan:

Next week (15th) will be lower-body striking (kicks and knees, etc)
The 22nd will be defence against various stuff.
The 29th will be biomechanical manipulation
The last one on the 6th of July will be on personal security, with an insight into what training’s usually like in a proper class. This one’s important – if you’ve missed all the others then make sure you get yourself over to this one, because it’s going to be good.

See you then!
FCIns. Josh Nixon


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