CSPS Endon Taster (15.06.2011) Feedback

Numbers were back up again this week, and we went through the basic ideas behind kicking, with a little bit of upper body striking too, saying we ditched the plan last week. All in all, a pretty enjoyable session! We finished off with a few shuttle runs for fun too.

Next week we’ll be looking at basic defensive work in the CSPS. Before you say it, I know all of it is defensive work; I mean parrying, covering up, evasion, etc – generally being unstrikable to the best of your ability, and also being ungrabbable.

As you know, there’s a heavy influence on CSPS from my old Wing Chun training so you know it’ll be good. Also a little more recently Silat has had an influence on it too, so there’ll be a good variety of methods to play with next time.

If you’ve missed some or all of the tasters so far by the way, don’t feel that you’ll be at a disadvantage or anything – nobody will know any more than you, apart from a couple of my existing students. These sessions don’t follow on at all; each one’s on a different topic.

See you next week!

FCIns. Josh Nixon


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