PHDefence (18.06.2011) Feedback

Hey all,

Really fantastic session today – all the Purple Grades were there so I focussed on their syllabus stuff while Paul consolidated the basics with the lower grades, as there were a couple of points of confusion which needed sorting out (Glad he was back this week then!). Purples – not all of you are ready yet to grade, but a couple of you are very, very close. You’ve all done fantastically well today; I’d say you’ve progressed more in one session today than you have in the past few weeks. Your focus should be on the following key points which have been confusing people most:

– The Shaolin Form
– Your elbow strikes (the correct terminology too for avoiding confusion)

Apart from that, you’ve all been great! I’ve emailed around the guides to the Shaolin Form and the Wing Chun Forms (those are for your Browns though) which I sent around before to make sure you have them. Keep practicing, and we should be seeing a few gradings soon! Here’s the elbow terminology you need to be getting right:

Front Elbow Strikes:
– Turning Front Elbow Strike
– Rising Front Elbow Strike
– Falling Front Elbow Strike
Inverted Front Elbow Strikes:
– Inverted Turning Front Elbow Strike
– Inverted Rising Front Elbow Strike
– Inverted Falling Front Elbow Strike
Back Elbow Strikes:
– Turning Back Elbow Strike
– Rising Back Elbow Strike
– Falling Back Elbow Strike

Your Inverted Front and Back (there are no inverted back) elbow strikes are striking with the triceps side of the elbow; where the ligaments join the bottom of the triceps brachii muscle to the elbow. Your Front elbow strikes (the normal ones) are using the other end of the elbow; where the blade is found (the olecranon process of the ulna, if you want to be technical).

Anyway, that’s about all I have to say about today’s session, apart from that it was fun and interesting – really great. I enjoyed it; thanks dudes and dudettes! See you next time.

FCIns. Josh Nixon


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