PHDefence (02.07.2011) Feedback

I think today’s main area of improvement was breakfalls, though we went through some rolling and used high and low reference for some nice old-school Wing Chun training.

After, we had four students taking their Blue Sash grading – I’m not saying yet who passed and who didn’t; you’ll all find out next week. Paul and myself have deliberated over the results and have come to a mutual agreement. More on that next time.

Next week, I’m thinking a bit more emphasis on groundfighting with the higher grades, and some work on parrying and striking with the lower grades. Not sure yet though.

See you next time,
FCIns. Josh Nixon

P.S. To anyone interested in the free CSPS taster sessions at Endon – next week is the last one! There will be a bit of everything, concluding with a few little demos of the kinds of things we do in a typical CSPS class.


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