CSPS Endon Taster (06.07.2011) Feedback

Well, that’s the end of an era – it doesn’t feel like 8 weeks has gone! The CSPS Taster sessions have now finished!

There is talk of something happening in September, but it depends entirely on who’s bothered and how many of you there’ll be – if there’s enough of you for it to be worth anyone’s time, and something can be sorted out with the school, then we’ll sort out a class for you.

To all existing and prospective Endon High students: If you’re interested, get in touch with the PE department. Tell them to get in touch with me. Or, you can just get in touch with me yourself if you prefer. I’m not fussed.

As it is, I’m open to the possibility.

Today was great; we went through the basics of personal security, and did some ‘Condition White’ adrenaline drills which I hope you enjoyed as much as I did! After that, we went through power amplification in striking on the punchbags.

Any questions, comments, etc – you know where I am.

Until next time,

FCIns. Josh Nixon


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