PHDefence (09.07.2011) Feedback

First off – if anyone didn’t receive the last group email yesterday, throw me your email address and I’ll send it to you.

Today was pretty awesome; largely taken up with ‘Condition White’ drills, including sitting down. The last half an hour was devoted to the effective use of aggression; investigating how to ‘flip the switch’.

My most pressing concern though which I need to voice for PHDefence is numbers. We did ok in terms of number this week, but we definitely need to see some new faces sometime soon if we’re going to be able to split the class properly. Here’s the ideal situation:

– One class for juniors, split into lower and higher grades
– One class for seniors, split into lower and higher grades

(Of course, if we end up getting loads of you we can have separate classes for low and high grades within juniors and seniors…)

Now, our current problem is this – we all know how to work well as a class at the moment, and it’s great, but splitting by grade can only take us so far. While your training has been awesome, especially over the past few weeks, adult training needs to be different to children’s, even high-grade awesome kids like PHDefence’s regulars.

Basically, we need a few more regulars, preferably some of whom being adults, so the class can afford to split. From there everything will fall into place nicely, training-wise. If PHDefence can get around 5 more regular students, they (I know I swap between ‘they’ and ‘we’; meh) can then effectively be able to put on a kids’ class and an adults’ class, and in those classes we can split the grades as we currently do.

That said, we can’t do that without your help. Bring a friend, family member, random acquaintance… Anyone who could benefit from training, which is everyone. Now that there’s developing a clearer-cut divide in the grades within the class, and clear age groups within those, we really do need to start focussing your training more to your respective levels.

There we go, that’s my bit! Hopefully we’ll see more of you over the next few weeks, and be able to put some more concrete plans in place for the future…

Until next time,
FCIns. Josh Nixon


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