Visible Justice–A New Initiative from Staffordshire Police

image‘Visible Justice’ will be taking place from 09:00 on Monday the 25th of July.

Working with the Magistrates court service staff, Staffordshire Police will be publishing the details of cases being dealt with across Staffordshire on their website. The event will also be published widely on the force’s numerous Twitter and Facebook accounts. It will enable users to ‘gain an insight into what is happening in the Magistrates’ Courts on a daily basis from wherever they are’.

You can see your the CoverItLive event which covered a night in custody by visiting this link:

A press release will be issued in the next couple of days with more details.

Meanwhile, here’s a link they have provided me with that you can use to keep updated about Visible Justice in the meantime:

Mobile users may prefer to use this:

I would’ve embedded this element, but WordPress doesn’t allow the iframe HTML code for security reasons. It makes no difference though, it’ll open the same.

All the best,
FCIns. Josh Nixon


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