PHDefence (13.07.2011) Feedback

Hi all,

Sorry for the absence of last week’s feedback and lateness of this week’s as opposed to the norm; I’ve been inundated with stuff to do recently. Normal service is resuming though shortly.

Today was, as always, awesome down at PHDefence. Starting next week, I intend to put a picture in these feedbacks when I can to make things a bit more colourful, and to give you dudes and dudettes a better idea of what it’s like over there at PHDefence, because they need more members and I want to help them get some if I can. Numbers were thin on the ground again this week.

However, they’ve got two gradings lined up for next week which will be awesome, and their newest student is progressing really well, so I’m looking forward to going back again next Saturday.

They will be closed on Saturday the 27th of August, just for that one session, but will be straight open again afterwards. Come on people, someone must want to have a go! They’re closing because there’s not many students who will make it that day, which is really a very sad thing to hear from such a nice class. Yet again, I urge you all – parents, kids, teens, adults – all of you – bring a friend. Come and have a go. Tell people and spread the word. PHDefence really needs some new students! There’s so much they want to do, but just can’t until they get a few more regulars. Take it from me – it’s a truly wonderful atmosphere there, perfect for even a whole family to train together. Whether you’re after fun training, combative self-protection, traditional martial arts or fitness, you will honestly get it all there. The training can be light-hearted or hardcore depending on what you want out of it. All ages above 5 are welcome and their prices are ridiculously reasonable – £4 for two hours, with no joining or membership fee! Details are on the classes page.

Today we went through a lot of footwork, some traditional and some not, and adapting technique from striking a pad to striking a human. For the high grades, pain maximisation and power generation came into it, also how to take a strike and minimise injury and pain to yourself using relaxation and breathing, while staying ready for efficient combat. It was an awesome session despite thin numbers.

We’re thinking of making a video to advertise for PHDefence – I’ll talk to you all about it next week in class.

There’s lots of new topics opening up over on the CSPS forum by the way – if you haven’t joined the conversation yet, you’re missing out!

Until next time,
FCIns. Josh Nixon


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