PHDefence (20.08.2011) Feedback

Hi all,

Sorry this has been a bit late but I’ve been working on some new material lately.

Just to remind everyone – PHDefence is not on tomorrow, on 27.08.2011, but it is back on again next week, on 03.08.2011.

Had an awesome session and the gradings after went well. I can’t give out the result for the student who undertook his Blue Sash grading, though it has been decided, you’ll be pleased to know! As for the one who took his Red, congratulations because (as you already know) you’ve passed your first grading!

On another side note, congratulations to Chris (he’s an adult and doesn’t mind, so I’ll say his name) who undertook his PHDefence Entry Assessment for entry into the CSPS, who passed the expected grade of Senior Grade 6 – Purple Belt. A fine student that I’m proud to have on board. I’ll be writing your feedback form and sorting your licence out later on, and I’ll give it to you when you return from your holiday.

On yet another side note, I’ve noticed that a lot of people (or someone many times) has been searching Google for ‘Josh Nixon Wing Chun Form’ and ‘PHDefence Wing Chun Form’, etc. Because of your interest, I will be filming and editing videos of the Forms, and others explaining them all in detail, to go on YouTube. This will be the same as is detailed in the guide I’ve emailed around a few times (just get in touch if you’d like that, only if you’re a PHDefence member though!) though may be different to those old DVDs we did ages ago, as back then I was only a student and while the basic idea of the Form – the order of the moves, etc – is right, there is a fair amount of finer detail that will be missing from that footage.

Let me reiterate though that this is PHDefence’s Wing Chun Forms and Shaolin Form that we’re talking about – not CSPS’s. In CSPS we do not teach Forms, Sets, Patterns, Kata or whatever else you want to call it. In PHDefence they do, and as I guest-instruct for them I thought I’d do it for their students to have a point of reference online. This’ll mean that we can spend less time on it in lessons as well, if you’re doing more at home, which I’m sure will be warmly welcomed by most of you!

All the best, and see you next time,
FCIns. Josh Nixon


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