PHDefence (10.09.2011) Feedback

Yesterday was pretty much sparring and padwork oriented, which was fun because it got you all a bit more tired than usual, which is never a bad thing!

First things first, PHDefence is closed next week again on the 17th of September, but it will be back again the next week on the 24th. Some summer festival or something.

As you all know, the PHDefence syllabus has been completely revised. Full details can be found on the CSPS forum here, in the PHDefence exclusive board:

Over the next few sessions, we’ll be doing a lot more sparring, and a lot more intensive padwork too. The Blue Sashes will be seeing more of your old friend the first Wing Chun Form, Xĭu Līm Tào (小念头) and those below Blue will be seeing more of their old friend the Shaolin Form, Shàolín Xíng Shì (少林形式). I recommend that everyone takes a look whichever Form they need for their next grading during this short break.

All the best, and as always I’m available for questions,
FCIns. Josh Nixon


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