PHDefence (01.10.2011) Feedback

imageToday was a good mix of old and new – traditional and modern – training. We started off with some traditional Wing Chun stuff in the first hour, and then in the second we worked on individual issues in sparring, coupled with some work from ‘The Fence’, some Systema slow fighting, and some padwork to finish.

Nothing was done in too much depth today – it was just an introduction to various things which we’ll build on in later lessons.

However, an issue must be addressed – PHDefence needs more students. Numbers have dwindled further in recent weeks, and after next week the adults will be going back to university again, which will mean a very small class. While this is perhaps nice for students, it isn’t good for your training or the rent!

Bring people. Spread the word. Bring your family, bring your friends, whoever – just bring people. PHDefence needs your help.

See you next week,

FCIns. Josh Nixon

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