Happy New Year and a Warm Welcome for Letter Receivers


This next bit will only really make sense if you’re in one of the lucky areas who have received one of the new 2012 PHDefence invitation letters. This is a big deal – there’s only 500! Letter holders are entitled to a free session!

You already know about the PHDefence and the CSPS from your letter, but if you’d like to know more, this page will tell you about the CSPS in detail and this page has details of all classes that are going on at the moment, with information on PHDefence too. This page has information on me. I do around half of the teaching at PHDefence as a guest instructor. There’s frequently asked questions here, and you can find us all over the Internet through the menu at the top of this site.

If any of you have any questions about PHDefence, the CSPS or anything else, then feel free to get in touch any way you like. You can email me directly at csps.info@gmail.com. Alternatively, everyone is welcome to join the CSPS Forum, which has a PHDefence members-only section too. You can find that here.

To everyone though: we hope you had an awesome Christmas and that you have an even better New Year!

Thank you to everyone who’s supported the CSPS and PHDefence; Twitter followers, retweeters, favouriters and Tweeters, emailers, YouTube subscribers, likers and commenters, forum members, LinkedIn connections, Facebook likers and commenters, blog followers, subscribers and commenters, and all of the students, instructors, friends and family who have turned these dreams into reality.

Have a wonderful 2012.

FCIns. Josh Nixon


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