PHDefence (06.01.2012) Feedback

Apologies for this being late; university and essays have stolen my time recently.

Friday marked the return of PHDefence from the black hole that is Christmas and New Year’s. I hope everyone had a great time! Last week was just a random jumble of things really – lots of pad work and pushups, Chisao and … umm … more padwork. I didn’t think I was going to be taking any of that session so when Paul handed the lesson over to me it was a bit of a surprise! However I defaulted to padwork, more padwork, and some more padwork after that so it seemed ok. Without further ado, it’s individual feedback time!

A warm welcome to W (I don’t put full names on here for kids, just initials) and to your sister if she wants to get involved! Your hook kicks on the pads were great; definitely potential there.

G.C. – Chill your beans! When a kick’s coming at you, either control or modify your flinch response – we’ll work on this loads more, don’t worry. Also over the next few weeks we’ll get through a lot more of the more advanced Form work we were doing nearer the end of the lesson. I think you’re ready, and it’s what you need to progress.

B.S. – I’ve heard tell of how you helped a new student out with a few pointers, and I’m proud of you – that kind of maturity and general awesomeness is exactly what PHDefence is looking for. Keep it up dude!

S.S. – Hope you’re feeling better soon! You get epic woman points for trying to get back into the fray though.

Finally, farewell to Chris and Charlie, who’ve now gone back to university again. See you again next time brothers.

We’ve got something awesome coming up next week, but I’ll do that as a new post…

Until next time,
FCIns. Josh Nixon


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