PHDefence: 2-hour Self-Defence Session with Guest Instructor Andrew Holland of MASAC Ju Jitsu

This Friday, the 13th of January 2012, everyone is invited to attend a special 2-hour session with guest instructor Andrew Holland at PHDefence in Stockton Brook, Stoke-On-Trent.

It’s going to be self-defence oriented, suitable for beginners and advanced students alike (or even complete beginners who have never attended PHDefence before), with some MASAC Ju Jitsu grappling mixed in.

Full details are on the events page, and of PHDefence (address, etc) on the classes page. Here’s some info:

Where: Wesley Methodist Chapel, Stockton Brook
When: Friday, 13.01.2012, 19:00-21:00
Cost: Just £4 per student.
(Bring a drink of water or something and comfy clothes!)

For those of you who haven’t heard of MASAC Ju Jitsu, here is an excerpt from their website at :

Masac Ju Jitsu is a new form of Ju Jitsu developed by self defence experts Georgi Georgiev and Andrew Holland. Masac has been born out of experience. Experience that has been formed from the reality of pure street combat.

We only teach the very best techniques from Reality Based Self Defence, Judo, Ju Jitsu, Boxing, Aikido, Russian Sambo, MMA and wrestling. However dont think that this system is a mish mash of meaningless techniques. Every move we teach works when faced with real life violence. We only teach what works. It is simply a system where every move has been selected and intergrated to give you pure fundamentals that really work. This is Masac and Masac is pure self defence, not sport! In the street there are no awards for second place, no judges and no referees to step in and stop things.

Masac is the name of our system and it is born out of everything we teach. Masac is a shortened version of the equation that Newton used for the generation of force. That is the soul of our system, hard strikes, hard throws and crushing strangles and joint locks. If you want to learn more please simply get in touch and become a student.

I personally am very much looking forward to training with Andy – I love finding out about new methods and approaches, especially from a respected and experienced BCA instructor.

More information on Andy and the MASAC system:

See you there!

FCIns. Josh Nixon


8 thoughts on “PHDefence: 2-hour Self-Defence Session with Guest Instructor Andrew Holland of MASAC Ju Jitsu

  1. Just what the world needs, another “get rich quick” self defence “expert” who bolts a few moves together and sells them to the unwary and inexperienced. How long before expensive “instructor” courses are on offer?


    1. I don’t profess to be an expert. I also do not teach self-defence, I teach self-protection, which is different. I have no classes running at the moment as I am at university, and money is honestly not my goal. The PHDefence sessions that I co-instruct (not my class) cost £4 for two hours of training, and there are no monthy fees. Gradings are also very affordable, and the standard BCA insurance costs £13 a year for kids, and £17 for adults. I think that’s fairly reasonable. The instructor there, Paul Horrobin, has often made up the rent out of his own pocket because he sometimes struggles in this area to get enough students to cover it at such a price, even though the rent is only £10 from the lovely old lady who owns the chapel. When I am in a position to require more instructors besides myself I will have high requirements for them, but I assure you the cost of such things will be minimal. I am also taking the World Combat Association’s ‘Combat Coach Diploma’ soon to make sure I am qualified to judge on such a thing, which will cost me over £4,000 out of my own pocket. If you are referring to Andrew Holland, he is a good instructor and a good man, who came to PHDefence (the class I help to instruct) and put on a two hour session for free, as he is a friend. It is publicity for him, but in all honesty not much from a small class in a small area! He did it primarily as an act of friendship and to share some new ideas of his. Everything he taught was combatively sound, and I believe to the best of my knowledge so is everything I teach in the CSPS. Andy is also a police officer, and has based his system primarily on the real violence he sees on the street.

      I understand your sentiment – trust me, as a student back in the day I too have been stung by money-minded fraudulent instructors, but I will not name names here. I have seen truly awful ideas and exploitation of ignorance, goodwill and generosity many times over, to a sickening degree. I have seen things taught that will get people killed if they were to try it in real life, marketed as self-defence. These are a handful of reasons why I intend to be everything but a ‘get rich quick’ self-defence ‘expert’, as you say. You will never hear me profess to be an expert, I do not teach self-defence (I teach self-protection, and at PHDefence, which is a martial arts class, I teach martial arts, which is again of course an entirely different concept) and money, to me, is a source of great misery and limitation in the world, and if I could think of another system that would work I would be the first to adopt it without a second’s hesitation. I’m doing this for the kids who cry in front of their friends who are bullied at school, as I have. Not something as crude as money.

      As you don’t know me personally, I won’t take it personally, but I would appreciate it if you would do a little research before saying something so disrespectful and negative. I hope, however, that I have cleared the confusion that led to it.


    2. An interesting comment. One of which I am certain is based on some negative experiences within self defence. The world of self defence is full of poor level courses and even more products sold to the in experienced. I even caught a glimpse of one person selling some kind of mental self defence and mind control package the other day.

      This is one of the reasons I took up self defence training. To add value to the market and not become a simple rip off merchant.

      The training I did for Josh and Paul was a small class and I didn’t charge. I don’t need the publicity, however a small class like theirs does. However they have a great group teaching quality lessons.


      1. Indeed, I’ve seen so many people selling ‘no-touch knockout’ techniques that only work on their students because they’re susceptible to the energies. (O_o)

        I mean, I keep an open mind and everything, and have many spiritual beliefs myself, but I see that kind of stuff as separate from self-protection unless it’s 100% reliable. If it was to work every time on everyone I’d probably convert and do that instead! haha but as it is, I despair when I see this stuff, I really do.

        How is the 2012 tour going anyway dudeth? Once again, session was much appreciated. One of the kids loves the ‘stone squirrel’ thing haha – he uses it ALL the time, whenever he’s got the slightest chance. :D


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