PHDefence (17.02.2012) Feedback (and a general update)

Hey all,

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these! My apologies – many things are leeching my time from me at the moment but I thought I should snatch back a few minutes to throw up a quick update and some feedback.

This week’s session started with a bit of a talkey bit, introducing some basic biomechanical concepts for you all to work into your training, such as spine alignment, the arc of strength (proximity and position), lever principles and the usefulness of fixed points. After playing with those ideas, we partnered up for some Chisao, and then split into beginners and intermediates; with the beginners going through some basic concepts of how to deal with punches, kicks and grabs, and the intermediates dealing with knife and stick attacks predominantly. All in all, good fun!

Just so everyone’s on the same page here – me and Paul are taking it in turns with the weeks! Paul will do next week, and I will do the week after, and we’ll alternate from then.

Another note – I’ve only had two aliases chosen. If you want to be mentionable on here then you’ll need to choose a name! Of course, if you don’t want to be mentioned then that’s also cool but it’ll be one less source of feedback.

If anyone has any questions about how things are structured now, what’s going on, training or anything else, as always feel free to ask on one of the plethora of contact methods we have.

See you next week,

FCIns. Josh Nixon


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