Training Log–February 2013

February has been a great month. As the weather’s become warmer and drier, my own training has become a lot more pleasant, I can tell you! No longer do the flagstones numb my hands when I’m doing ground mobility and bodyweight exercises, which is nice! It’s funny how the punchbag is noticeably softer, even with the temperature change being fairly small. Not that that means it’s any easier; it just means I can punch harder!

That’s been a focus for most ESP students recently – power generation. In one-on-one personal tuition sessions we’ve been working on the pads quite hard with the double-hip method in particular this month. Simple, short combinations of strikes that work well together have been a large part of personal tuition sessions of late.

For PHDefence, the more experienced students have again been focussing on the use of and survival of attacks with the long stick while the less experienced students have continued to work on their striking and Wing Chun parrying. One student is getting PHDefence approved by an exam board with her school so it can be used by those taking GCSE PE, and so we’re currently filming examples for that. Interesting times lie in store for PHDefence!


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