The Evolutionary Self-Protection ‘No-Touch Knockout’ Open Invitation

The Evolutionary Self-Protection

‘No-Touch Knockout’

Open Invitation


The ESP is based on no principle more important and pervasive than that of open and honest questioning. Without it, evolution cannot occur as learning will inevitably always be guided away from honest progression towards obscurity, inefficacy and invalidity.

My name is Josh Nixon, and I am the founding instructor of my methods, which I call ‘Evolutionary Self-Protection’. It is not perfect, will never be and will continually try to be. It is only through open and honest questioning that this continually evolutionary approach can truly be adopted, and so I have been led to this current moment and this message I am writing in it.

It has come to my attention that many instructors of different systems from around the world are teaching methods of causing knockouts or similar loss-of-consciousness effects without physically touching the target individual. These kinds of teachings often fall under levels of ridicule perhaps unsurpassed in the martial arts community. The general consensus seems to be polarised between two parties; one saying that it is rubbish (to put it milder than most) and that these instructors are lying to themselves and everyone else, and one saying that it’s true and above question.

I am, if nothing else, a questioner. I do not merely question the validity and efficacy of these methods, but I question those who default to ridiculing too. I also question myself and my methods. As such, I am always looking to learn from those who know things that I don’t.

If these ‘no-touch knockouts’ are true and valid methods for self-protection, then they would completely revolutionise the entirety of the current paradigm of self-protective methods, or at least certainly the ones I teach. It could empower many individuals to protect themselves who struggle with physical methods due to health or age. In fact, such ability could potentially render everything else taught in self-protection methods such as mine utterly obsolete.

This is not a challenge, a joke, an attempt to poke fun or anything of the sort. It is a genuine attempt to understand something that I currently don’t and strive for true progress in the field of self-protection through open and honest informal questioning and testing.

The Invitation:

I, Josh Nixon, would like to hereby invite anyone claiming the ability or knowledge of being able to induce a loss of consciousness in a human being without touching them to a fair, honest and open demonstration. The subject will be myself.

I would very much like anyone with this ability to help me find out whether or not it does exist. Following are the rules I would like to attach for such a demonstration:


‘Subject’ – the participant allowing the demonstrator to perform a no-touch knockout on them.

‘Demonstrator’ – the participant demonstrating the ability to perform a no-touch knockout on the subject.

The Rules:

  • No physical contact is to be made between the participants:
    • By ‘physical contact’ it is meant that no molecular structures under the direct control of one participant may touch those of another during the demonstration. This includes, but is not limited to:
      • Bodily touching: striking, manipulation of biomechanical weaknesses (often referred to as ‘pressure points’), striking with clothing or other objects, thrown objects…
  • No technological aids may be used to induce effects on the subject:
    • By ‘technological aid’ we mean manufactured devices, overt or concealed, however powered. These are prohibited and could have a negative effect on the subject. This includes, but is not limited to:
      • Emitters of electricity (Tasers, static charges, etc), projectile-launching devices, emitters of electromagnetic frequencies (such as light, heat, microwaves, x-rays, etc)…
  • No substances that could be potentially damaging to the subject’s health are to have any part in the demonstration.
    • By ‘substances’, we mean molecular chemical compounds. This includes, but is not limited to:
      • Gases, liquids, powdered solids, anything ingested through inhalation, anything ingested through the digestive system, anything ingested through the bloodstream, anything ingested through a mucous membrane…
  • The event must be open to be watched by spectators.
  • Those participating in the event must consent to being filmed for documentation purposes.
    • Anyone participating in the event can request a copy of footage, in which case all reasonable measures must be taken to comply with such a request.
  • The subject is allowed to organise various health and safety measures. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • A crash mat or similar soft surface to minimise risk of injury from falling in the event of loss of consciousness.
    • Attendant/s to guide the subject to the ground/to the safety surface in the event of loss of consciousness.
    • First aid supplies and those with medical knowledge to assist in the event of loss of consciousness.
    • Attendant/s to maintain the subject’s personal security.
  • The subject’s position, state and activities prior to the demonstration of no-touch knockout ability is his/her choice, and all participation is done of their own free will. Any compliance with the requests of the demonstrator is of the subject’s free choice.
    • Compliance with any requests of the demonstrator may override any rule, but must be announced to all present beforehand.

Get In Touch!

If you would like to demonstrate the ability to perform a no-touch knockout, simply have a go, watch such an event, try an idea you’ve had for inducing such an effect or prove yourself in a documented event with evidence you can post online or do whatever you want with, I’d love to hear from you!

This event can happen anywhere (within reason) and I will do everything I can to organise a venue and time that is convenient for both of us.

If you’re interested and would like to organise an event or just know more about it all, get in touch via any of the following:

Facebook Page:                      
Facebook Group:                   
Google+:             search for              ‘Evolutionary Self-Protection’

I hope to hear from you soon!

Yours with respect,

Josh Nixon

Founding Instructor, Evolutionary Self-Protection

P.S. It has come to my attention that similar claims of being able to knock people over, push, pull or otherwise move a person around without touching them, from a distance (not relying merely on inducing the flinch response) are numerous, and so this invitation is also extended to those with any such abilities or skills.


6 thoughts on “The Evolutionary Self-Protection ‘No-Touch Knockout’ Open Invitation

  1. Within reason pertains to us out of towners right? Lol! I think it is possible to utilize chi, psi, or some form of energetics to knock a person out. Its like a fast acting sleep effect. I haven’t gotten good enough at causing sleep that it would be instant, but I could see it and how it would work. However, I think most teachers utilize some form of hypnosis on their classes to achieve a false positive. Great for reputation and probly boosts the prices quite a bit. I’m sure that some instructors can do it, but those that can probly wouldn’t advertise let alone teach it to ppl, assuming they are responsible/humble. Power hungry teachers are definitely out there and would advertise to achieve a sense of worship, but this isn’t what’s in question. Methodology-energetic manipulation of oxygen to the brain, different pressure points without physical contact, raising a desire to instantly rest (usually in response to the brain thinking it or the body need to heal drastically), enforcing a sense of intoxication so strong one feels the need to drop out cold, imbalancing the bodies natural flow drastically in specific ways to cut off circulation, etc…
    Since i have no one to practice with or demonstrate with over here across the seas, ill just have to go with this style of methodology and hope someone can test them for me.
    Controlling the air pressure around someone’s head, particularly the ears should also do it.


    1. Of course! If you ever find yourself in the UK you’re more than welcome to take up the invitation yourself. I wondered if you might have some input on this, my friend, and you did not disappoint!

      Failing that, anyone is of course free to follow the aforementioned methodology and see what happens. Thanks for commenting man! :)


  2. I think anything is possible under the right condition.I know they teach some of this in all internal arts.It is to develop awareness and body response.I do not think they thought to use it alone without touch.It is call ling kong ji and by other means.I think there is chi but by itself rather it comliment the physical. I donot believe it can be done unless like they were hypnotize in some form or another. I would rather use to develop sensitivity rather to try for a knockout.Better use
    of time and energy.


    1. I quite agree, Tzun Tzun Hsue – I personally have never seen anything that wasn’t suggestion-based (like hypnosis, etc). However, there are a great number of instructors out these claiming this ability or skill. I always try not to be completely closed-minded, and even though I’ve never experienced anything of this nature – and would go so far as to say that unvalidated claims of this nature can cause a great deal of harm – part of the reason for this post is to say to everyone that I remain open to possibilities beyond my own experience. Just so long as they can be validated objectively.
      Thanks for commenting – it’s really interesting to hear everyone’s views on this matter!


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