Training Log–February 2013

February has been a great month. As the weather’s become warmer and drier, my own training has become a lot more pleasant, I can tell you! No longer do the flagstones numb my hands when I’m doing ground mobility and bodyweight exercises, which is nice! It’s funny how the punchbag is noticeably softer, even with … More Training Log–February 2013


CSPS Training Log–PT Session 27.01.2013

Sunday saw one student’s return to regular training after a few weeks over Christmas, and so we got straight back into it with training the basics in new and interesting ways – biomechanical drills, specific and generalised movement concepts and their application, etc. As this student has two-hour sessions we had plenty of time to … More CSPS Training Log–PT Session 27.01.2013

PHDefence Training Log–25.01.2013

Hopefully the last snowy one for a while! Friday’s session was split between me and Paul. Paul did some partner work involving dealing with strikes – specifically barrages of them – and I added in the importance of being proactive in your ‘defence’ rather than being merely reactive. If your partner is saying ‘I thought … More PHDefence Training Log–25.01.2013