Corporate Training

Whether you’re looking for a one-off training session, a short course or regular in-house training for your staff or colleagues, we can cater to your needs.

Your company’s most valuable asset is its employees. You’ll have heard and said that time and time again, but it’s true. The better you look after your employees, the better times will be for your company. Awareness and ability in the field of self-protection is a practical necessity in this world and as an employer, providing training in self-protection is one of the most effective ways you can demonstrate your care for your employees’ wellbeing and security.

Why Consider Corporate Self-Protection Training?

You may be wondering why corporate self-protection training is worth pursuing. As a brief overview of benefits, our corporate self-protection training is:

Comprehensive. Our training will provide a solid and effective education which will benefit your employees and your company both in and out of the workplace.

Adaptive. Corporate training follows a syllabus that fits your needs. Choose from our existing training options or get in touch and have us tailor your training to your requirements.

Enjoyable. Our training methods are very fun and as such are a fantastic team-building activity. If team-building and leadership is your focus, we can emphasise our fun and challenging problem-solving drills. These are memorable and enjoyable ways to stimulate innovative and natural learning of ESP concepts while bringing coworkers together to creatively overcome obstacles as a team.

Beneficial to employees’ wellbeing. Self-protection is a life-saving skill.
Many companies organise first aid training for treating injuries that occur as a result of accidents, and all companies will have some form of health and safety policy to try to prevent them occurring in the first place.
Most companies will have some form of insurance to help deal with the aftermath of violence, but many fail to address the need for preventative measures to be taken before these (often highly expensive) measures are unfortunately required.
Aside from this health and safety aspect, the valuable skills learnt instil employees with vastly greater confidence in themselves, is an extremely powerful way to deal with anxiety and stress and has a hugely positive effect on morale and coworker cohesion as well as general health and fitness.
Complacency, boredom and apathy are feelings that struggle to take hold in an employee who enjoys the self-esteem and confidence that comes from our training and the knowledge that their employer cares for and values them.

Your Options

There are many options available to you with corporate training. Most tend to go for something resembling one of the following:

Single session training, typically one day or half a day in duration, consisting of a lecture followed by practical training.

Regular sessions to suit your timetable, typically either weekly/monthly general training or a planned specific course.

Fitness sessions can also be an engaging and enjoyable way to promote health and fitness among your workforce.

Like private training, corporate training can take place wherever you like. We can bring the training to you and have the session/s in-house on your premises, you can arrange an alternate venue yourself or you can leave that to us.

Of course, anyone considering our training is more than welcome to come along to one of our classes which are open to the public and chat with us or try it out yourself!

If you do not currently incorporate self-protection training in your corporate wellness policy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a no-obligation discussion about your requirements and how we can best fulfil them. We are happy to liaise with your health and safety or training executive to ensure the training’s content is matched to your requirements, and sessions/courses with limited or no deployment of force (focussed on threat awareness, threat evaluation, threat avoidance and de-escalative communicative strategies) can be run if that better fits your needs.

Call Josh Nixon on (01782) 502684 (landline) or 07981 175878 (mobile) with any questions or concerns you might have, or email and we can put together a plan for your training today.


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