Evolutionary Self-Protection Training Guidelines

The following is to be taken as a general code of conduct for all participants of Evolutionary Self-Protection training.

1 – Ethical Training Policy:

Evolutionary Self-Protection training takes place in an environment of mutual respect between all participants. The following is a list (which is not exhaustive) of policies that all Evolutionary Self-Protection participants (instructors and students alike) must adhere to in the interests of upholding the highest standards of ethical training.

  1. All Evolutionary Self-Protection sessions are conducted with constant mutual respect between all participants.
  2. Respect is the only mandatory element to an Evolutionary Self-Protection training session. No activity is mandatory at any time, and participants are free to opt out of any activity for any reason at any time.
  3. No acts of victimisation or bullying are to be tolerated, in or out of an Evolutionary Self-Protection session.
  4. Discrimination based on differences such as appearance, gender, personal beliefs or preferences are not tolerated.
  5. Health and safety are paramount, and reasonable measures are to be taken to safeguard every participant’s health and safety in Evolutionary Self-Protection training.

If any participant fails to uphold these standards of ethical training, their continued participation in Evolutionary Self-Protection training is to be brought under review.

2 – Training Methodology:

Evolutionary Self-Protection training methodology must, above all, prioritise its usefulness for and benefit offered to the practitioner. Our methodology, however, does not take set form with a prescriptive approach. Instead, our training is adaptive and personal to each practitioner as an individual. To ensure efficiency and efficacy within this, the following framework of guidelines applies to our training:

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