Private Training

Please note: currently we have no availability for private 1:1 training, though many find the 1:1 tailored support you get as a member of our training group covers many of the benefits that you are likely looking for if you are looking for private training. All the details can be found here.

The possibilities really open up with private training. We currently offer private training for individuals (one-to-one support and tuition) and for private groups – many like to train in a class-like situation, but would rather only train with people they know, or sometimes a group of people who work together like to train every week, or a family may enjoy training together in their own private session.

Private training is always an exciting prospect with ESP as the training really is tailored specifically to what you want to get out of it. If you want to train for a specific goal (to lose weight, to get stronger, to better deal with a violent attack, to make better security-minded decisions online, etc) or you want to train around a specific focus (surviving edged weapon attacks, increasing the power of your punches, kicking more effectively, making existing martial arts training more well-adapted to dealing with modern violence, etc), or you just want general ESP training on a one-to-one basis or as a group with set members, we’ve got you covered.

The Benefits of Private Training

Motivation and inspiration. When you’re training with an instructor on a 1-to-1 basis or as an exclusive group, motivation is the key benefit most people are looking for. People often struggle to motivate themselves and stick to training routines, but booking a regular session can help you stay motivated and consistent, as well as giving you new ideas, exercises and drills to enjoy. Above all, your instructor will provide solid, consistent and non-judgemental support throughout your training.

Efficiency. While this is true of all ESP training, the goal of ‘maximum results in minimum time’ for the attributes and goals you’re looking for can really be met with private training. We’ll work out a training plan for you and help you stick to it. If you or your focuses change, so does the training. It’s your training.

Exclusivity. Some people feel unready to attend a class that’s open to the public – they may not feel fit enough or skilled enough, or may find themselves feeling embarrassed or nervous around people they don’t know. While public classes are open to people of all fitness and skill levels, and we always ensure everyone is warmly welcome, some people just don’t like the idea. That’s where private training comes in – if you want to go it alone, you can. If you want to train only with your friends or family as a, exclusive group, you can! Your training can be exactly as you want it.

Progress. There is simply nothing better for working on something you struggle with than taking some time out with an instructor to go over a concept or technique you’re finding difficult. Private training gives you plenty of time to go through in great detail exactly why you found it difficult and how to overcome the problem you faced. If you’re stuck in a rut with your training and end up doing the same thing over and over without really doing anything new or getting much better at what you already do, private training can provide new challenges and training methods to keep you stimulated and progressing.

Adaptability. Not just the training itself but the location it takes place in is also free to adapt to what you want with private training. Perhaps you’d like to save money by completely avoiding the rent costs of your local hall, or perhaps you’d like to stay at home and let the training come to you. Private training can happen in your living room, garden, local park… anywhere you like!

Autonomy. While many people enjoy private training on a long-term basis (particularly groups), the goal is for you to not need the sessions after a while. As we teach you our methods, the goal is for you to take them on in such a way that you can effectively continue to train yourself on your own initiative – whether that’s you training alone in-between your training sessions with us, or just going it alone completely if you choose to. At all times, it’s your training and you are free to pursue it your way.

Short-Term vs Long-Term

Short-Term Private Training:
Some prefer to book a short course (whether weekly sessions, multiple sessions a week, or one long session) to get a basic understanding of ESP training and concepts. While this allows for an intensive learning experience and fast uptake of basic concepts, please be under no illusions – that is exactly what a short course is. Many seem to think of short courses as almost a vaccination against victimisation, and we at ESP would hate for any student of ours to walk away from a short course in basic (or even advanced) concepts with a false sense of security. It will help, in fact we believe greatly so (or we would not be teaching and training it ourselves) but the course in itself will not protect you. Your own training that follows from it, however, can. This applies to seminars, lectures, workshops, etc too.

Long-Term Private Training:
This is the preferred method of learning for most, and we believe is the most effective. This approach is one of continued learning and training over time. The difference between this and short-term training is that the concepts can be assimilated by the student much more naturally and easily between the sessions, and generally stay with them much more easily. In addition, another significant difference is that longer-term tuition allows for the student’s individual attributes to be brought out and influence the training much more. In effect, you control the focus based on what you need at any given time as you change and progress.

Private training can take place anywhere, and is arranged between the student and instructor. Pricing varies depending on duration, location and any costs incurred (if applicable) for a training area. Private training for junior members requires the presence and consent of their parent or guardian. Private training can be taken regularly or on a session-by-session basis, alongside class-based training or not. Sessions can be broad and comprehensive or focussed around particular areas of interest, and can be either physical training, nonphysical tuition or a mix of both. Sessions are typically 1 or 2 hours, but longer sessions can easily be arranged. Cancellations must be given 48 hours before the session is due to begin (unless it’s an emergency or something – we’re not unreasonable), and when booking a session the date, time and location must be confirmed with the instructor, along with any special considerations you wish to be made (particular focuses, etc).

Interested? Let’s do this!

To get started, simply send us an email at, call the landline at (01782) 502684 or mobile at 07981 175878 (we respond to SMS and WhatsApp messages too if you prefer) and we’ll discuss instructor availability, and see what you’re after. We can offer lots of different focusses, for example fitness, self-protection, martial arts, meditation, health training, etc. If you want training in something you haven’t seen mentioned, feel free to ask if anyone does it! If none of us do, we’ll be happy to ask around through professional networks to see if we know anyone reputable who does.


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