Recommended Viewing

I thought it would be good to create a list of recommended resources! This one’s for videos and all other things to watch.

Consterdine, Peter and Thompson, Geoff. Pavement Arena (Series).
I don’t really know what to say about this one in terms of details! These videos are a great resource, especially for those who want to take their traditional martial arts training and make it more effective for real combat. They cover a fairly broad range of areas, from striking to grappling, and I definitely recommend them. Available for download (cheaper than ordering on DVD) from
Part 1 reviewed at
Part 2 reviewed at
Part 3 reviewed at
Part 4 reviewed at

Poyton, Robert. Systema Basics (Series). Cutting Edge.
This is a great series, and I won’t bother telling you anything about it! Nah, I’m kidding – here’s a review I wrote for the series as a set, which has links to YouTube videos and the purchase page for the DVDs:

Last updated on 03.09.2013.


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