ESP Resources:

You can download and print an ESP application form by clicking here: ESP Application Form or you can send us an email and we’ll give you one.

ESP on the Internet:

ESP Twitter (managed by Josh Nixon):!/EvolutionarySP
ESP YouTube (managed by Josh Nixon):
ESP Facebook page (managed by Josh Nixon):
ESP Facebook group (managed by Josh Nixon):
ESP Google+ Page (managed by Josh Nixon):
ESP Google+ Community (managed by Josh Nixon):
ESP Email (managed by Josh Nixon):

Josh Nixon’s LinkedIn profile:

Recommended Reading:

Our list of recommended reading can be found here.

Recommended Viewing:

Our list of recommended viewing can be found here.

Supplies and Products:

Here is a list of suppliers and products that we recommend. If you’d like to be featured here, get in touch!

APEX Martial Arts Suppliers:

Evolutionary Self-Protection clothing at YDDUK:

Other Websites:

Everything else worth looking at! If you have something you think should be put here, let us know!

British Combat Association home:
Peter Consterdine home:
Geoff Thompson home:

Last updated on 17.06.2014


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