Welcome to Evolutionary Self-Protection

Evolutionary Self-Protection is a practical and progressive approach to self-protection, health, functional fitness and personal security.


Practical. ESP training is constantly tried, tested and reviewed, representing and considering things as they are, striving for common-sense objectivity and adopting a true scientific approach to strip away all illusions and misconceptions. Students’ questions and opinions are valued as well as those of the instructors. We adopt what works and adapt or discard what does not.

Progressive. Whatever point of ability, knowledge or fitness a practitioner begins with, their training will continually push them to progress. With progressive calisthenics and other training innovations we continually improve in all aspects of our training: education, experience and physical ability become a synergistic continuum of all-round personal development.

Self-Protection and Personal Security. Proactive methods to protect and prevent as well as just defend: Threat Awareness, Threat Evaluation and Threat Avoidance as well as Force Deployment. Knowing how to hit someone and stop them hitting you is only part of the skill set; a solid education in personal security is what we offer.

Health and Functional Fitness. It’s pointless having a wealth of knowledge about how to protect yourself without looking after your general health and fitness as well. We don’t just do exercises for the sake of it; we learn about the biomechanical principles behind them with progressive calisthenics and use the movements we exercise with in real combative applications. Our time is precious so we get multiple benefits out of the time we put into our training.

Evolutionary. We constantly strive not just for the personal development of every individual, but of the system as a whole. Through open, honest questioning at every opportunity, we evolve.

Evolutionary Self-Protection was devised with one objective: to offer a method of training that is adaptive enough to be applicable and useful to any practitioner. Many systems focus on aesthetics, tradition, sport or military methods. While there are always benefits to these training methods, and there are some influences from them on ESP training, they can often not be applicable to the average UK citizen or, more broadly, the average human.

This is where we come in. We strive to keep our training relevant, affordable, realistic, holistic and efficient at all times. Above all, we keep it evolutionary.

Get in touch today and start your evolution.

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