Welcome to Evolutionary Self-Protection

Evolutionary Self-Protection is a practical and progressive approach to self-protection, encompassing the full spectrum of knowledge, skills and attributes required to protect yourself and others from violent crime. Our approach is proactive, holistic and realistic.

In partnership with Evolutionary Martial Arts and Evolutionary Health, Evolutionary Self-Protection is one part of The Evolutionary Concept, our philosophy of continual personal development of ourselves as practitioners, and of the system itself through continual research, testing and collaboration. This system is based on the most effective aspects of various concepts and methods that we have studied and trained in, and is the result of over a decade of dedicated research, testing and development since 2011.

Our approach encompasses proactive methods of Threat AwarenessThreat EvaluationThreat AvoidanceCommunicative Strategies and Force Deployment to protect and prevent rather than just defend, and was devised with one objective: to offer a method of training that is adaptive enough to be applicable and useful to any practitioner. Many systems focus on aesthetics, tradition, sport or military methods. While there are always benefits to these training methods, and there are some influences from them on ESP training, they can often not be applicable to the average UK citizen or, more broadly, the average person.

That’s where we come in. Our training is different. It’s tailored specifically to you.

Get in touch today to start your evolution.

07981 175 878




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