What a year! 2017 has been a year of quiet consolidation within ESP, with many developments occurring behind the scenes. While the timescale isn’t set in stone yet, you can expect to see some changes in the near future. For now, though, here’s an update about when we’re closed for Christmas and the New Year: … More Notice: ESP CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS


Notice: Session cancelled on 15.09.2017

Quick notice: Next Friday (the 15th of September) we’ve cancelled our session to enable someone to have their wedding reception at the hall! Our warm congratulations to the happy couple and our apologies to our training partners for any inconvenience caused. For ESP practitioners, see you next Friday, the 22nd! For those who train with … More Notice: Session cancelled on 15.09.2017

Notice: Private training availability back to normal!

Hi all, After spending many hours under the bonnet, we’ve got the car to pass its MOT and so training availability is now reinstated. I’ll be getting in touch with all current PT clients momentarily, and for any beginners reading, be sure to check out this page for all the details on private training or this … More Notice: Private training availability back to normal!

Notice: Private training schedule temporarily subject to change!

Just a quick notice to all PT clients: Due to car problems (namely, that my car has failed its MOT! Yay…) I may have to alter your training schedules slightly until all is resolved. If this is likely to affect you then I’ll have been in touch recently to keep you updated but I just … More Notice: Private training schedule temporarily subject to change!

Notification: Training Cancellation (11.11.2016)

Hi everyone, Just to let you all know that due to an existing booking at the hall, we will not be training next Friday, the 11th of November. However, the next week we’re returning to training as usual (18.11.2016). All the best! For existing members, homework will be set shortly in our online group… See … More Notification: Training Cancellation (11.11.2016)

Using Force: A Look at UK Law for Self-Protection Practitioners

The use of force is one of the main focuses in most self-protection training as well as in the martial arts. However, its justification and subsequent application to real violence is also singularly the least well-addressed area of understanding. In short, if practitioners train without an understanding of the law then while their training in … More Using Force: A Look at UK Law for Self-Protection Practitioners

7 Essential Books for Beginners

Whether you’re just starting out learning about self-protection or you’re already a seasoned cognoscenti in the field, a little reading never goes amiss. Particularly if you’ve done a decent amount of training in a martial art – perhaps you’re a black belt looking for new avenues of knowledge to devour –  but you haven’t received … More 7 Essential Books for Beginners