Christmas/New Year Holiday Announcement

Hello! Most of you who attend our class already know, but here is a reiteration for everyone else: Evolutionary Self-Protection’s Friday class IS on this week (Friday the 18th of December). That will be our last training session until after Christmas, so: We are not training on Friday the 25th of December. We are not … More Christmas/New Year Holiday Announcement

Holiday Announcement

Evolutionary Self-Protection office will be closed from Friday the 21st of August to Monday the 7th of September. Classes this week (the 7th) and next week (the 14th) are on as usual. Classes on the 21st and 28th of August, and the 4th of September, will be cancelled. Classes will resume on Friday the 11th … More Holiday Announcement

New on Facebook: Staffordshire Self-Protection and Martial Arts Group!

A place for the self-protectionists, martial artists, etc of Staffordshire to come together on Facebook: Staffordshire Self-Protection and Martial Arts Group. I thought it’d be a good idea to have a group for local martial artists, self-protectionists and people just generally interested in such things. Quite often the groups on Facebook for such things are … More New on Facebook: Staffordshire Self-Protection and Martial Arts Group!

Training Notes – 15.05.2015

Our last session was a fun, functional, fierce and focussed look at two related subjects: the high guard and dealing with multiple attackers. After the usual exercises, including some of the work on shifting our stances to understand the relationship between centre of mass, stance and stability that we did at the beginning of last week’s session, … More Training Notes – 15.05.2015

Update: Training on 22.05.2015 cancelled!

Hi all, I’ve told everyone already but I thought it wise to leave a notice here too for any potential newcomers. Unfortunately, due to constraints of the venue, we’re not training this Friday the 22nd. We will be returning to training as usual next week: Friday the 29th of May, 18:00.  All the details of … More Update: Training on 22.05.2015 cancelled!