PHDefence (25.06.2011) Feedback

Another great training session down at PHDefence! After going though some basic Wing Chun that people were getting caught up on, I took the Purples aside and focussed on seeing how they were doing regarding their Blue stuff for their next grading. I’m sending around an email in a minute to all you who are grading to make sure you know the time and format, etc.

We’ve had interest from a new student as well this week which was great – straight after putting up new posters! Must be doing something right! As you all know, PHDefence is looking to expand and can only do that with more students, so bring anyone who would enjoy it; kids and adults. Ideally, we would have enough students to split the kids into three separate sessions – beginners’, intermediates’ and advanced – where absolute beginners would just have the first one, intermediates would be able to stay for the second, and advanced could stay for the others (helping out, etc) if they wanted to for extra training in the basic stuff (recommended) and some teaching experience too, holding pads for them, etc and helping out. However, more hours means more rent which means a need for more students! Ideally, we’d also have a separate adults’ class as we used to before they went to university, etc.

Another little point about elbows as well that was made today:

Slashing elbow strikes move in an arc, slashing the target with the bone.
Smashing elbow strikes move in a straight line, smashing into the target.

Also, something to bear in mind about the Forms – the old video and the old guide may be wrong a bit; it’s from when I was a student and not an instructor, so I’m pretty sure it won’t be very good! However, it’ll still be a good pointer. Go from what we’ve been doing though in class more than those things, consider them a rough and ready guide.

See you all next week, and a warm welcome to our new student/s,
FCIns. Josh Nixon


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